Matt Damon “Anxious” for New Jason Bourne: Sequel on the Horizon?

At the point when news broke last November that All inclusive Pictures was fostering a 6th Bourne film with “All Calm on the Western Front” chief Edward Berger, fans were left contemplating whether Matt Damon would be getting back to his notorious activity establishment. The Bourne series, which incorporates four movies featured by Damon and one by Jeremy Renner, has procured $1.6 billion around the world. Damon’s last excursion was 2016’s “Jason Bourne.”

Damon showed up on “The Late Show” and avoided affirming he’ll star in the new Bourne film when the subject was raised by have Stephen Colbert. Nonetheless, the entertainer showered approaching Bourne chief Edward Berger with acclaim and sounded confident about showing up in the film. Berger had a profession leap forward in 2022 with his Netflix transformation of “All Calm on the Western Front,” which procured nine Oscar selections, including best picture, and won for global component and three additional awards.

In the event that the new Bourne film takes off, Berger will join a noteworthy arrangement of the establishment’s chiefs, which incorporate Doug Liman (2002’s “The Bourne Personality”), Paul Greengrass (2004’s “The Bourne Matchless quality,” 2007’s “The Bourne Final proposal” and 2016’s “Jason Bourne”) and Tony Gilroy (“The Bourne Heritage.”)

No additional data about the new Bourne film is known at this stage. Watch Damon’s full appearance on “The Late Show” in the video underneath.

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